Our products were developed with extensive knowledge of the sectors that we service using latest technology

  • Laboratory Information Management System (SpaceSoft LIMS)

    SpaceSoft LIMS was developed to streamline processes in Testing Laboratories in the following sectors:

    • Food Laboratories
    • Environmental Laboratories
    • Mining Laboratories
    • Pharmaceutical Laboratories
    • Research Laboratories
    • Petrochemical Laboratories

  • System Features

    SpaceSoft LIMS is a comprehensive laboratory management system that encompasses the following features:

    • Sample Logging / Sample Registration
    • Sample Receiving
    • Result Entry
    • Instrument Integration
    • Verification
    • Certificate of Analysis (COA) generation
    • Invoicing /Quotation
    • Stock Management
    • Sample Tracking
    • Searching
    • Management Reports
    • Exception handling
    • Contract Management
    • Barcoding Solutions
    • Integration with other systems

  • Production Process Management (SpaceSoft PPM)

    SpaceSoft PPM is a workflow system that helps manage the flow of materials and processing of products in manufacturing environment.

  • Customer Relationship Management (SpaceSoft CRM)

    SpaceSoft CRM enables customers to manage their leads and contacts information. The system also manages communication with contacts.