Service excellence is at the heart of our offerings. We offer the following services.

Customer Relationship Management
(SpaceSoft CRM)

Software Maintenance and Support
Software development does not end once
the system is delivered. It needs to be
maintained and new features have to be
added, new users have to be trained on the
system and the system has to conform to
new technologies.



We provide advice to clients on best route
to follow when deciding development
options. We also provide software quality
Management and maintenance of packages.

System Integration

System Integration often different systems need to talk to each other by transferring
data in real time or on a regular basis. We have extensive experience in integrating
systems within the organization such as production system and finance or accounting
system. Our Business to Business (B2B) integration services have benefited our clients
in ensuring correct and current information is available to organizations.


Custom Software Development and Web Development

We develop agile software based on request
from our clients to satisfy specific needs of
the client. our Philosophy is Collaborative
Implementation Approach of Project
Management which includes the following

• Investigation & Requirement Gathering
• Analysis and Process Mapping
• Development
• Environment Testing

• User Acceptance Testing
• User Training
• Implementation
• Go Live

Mobile Aplications

Mobile applications are becoming the trend in today's ever expanding smart phone capabili-
ties as well as the need of businesses to process data on the move.

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